ECL : (510)

Elevate your kitchen with a sleek stainless steel serving tray in silver, perfect for presenting appetizers or drinks, adding modern elegance to your entertaining.

ECL : (511)

Bring warmth to your table with a wooden serving tray in rich mahogany, ideal for breakfast in bed or hosting gatherings, adding rustic charm to your kitchen.

ECL : (512)

Add a pop of color with a ceramic serving tray in vibrant turquoise, perfect for serving snacks or desserts, enhancing your kitchen decor with playful sophistication.

ECL : (513)

Infuse coastal vibes with a bamboo serving tray in natural tones, ideal for serving seafood or fruits, adding eco-friendly charm to your kitchen ambiance.

ECL : (514)

Celebrate tradition with a porcelain serving tray in delicate white, perfect for displaying pastries or finger foods, adding timeless elegance to your dining experience.

ECL : (515)

Embrace versatility with a melamine serving tray in sleek black, ideal for outdoor entertaining or casual dining, offering durability and modern style to your kitchenware collection.

ECL : (516)

Elevate your dining experience with a marble serving tray in classic gray, perfect for serving charcuterie or desserts, adding luxurious sophistication to your tabletop.

ECL : (517)

Bring modern flair to your kitchen with an acrylic serving tray in clear, ideal for showcasing colorful dishes or desserts, enhancing your table setting with contemporary elegance

ECL : (518)

Add a touch of whimsy with a glass serving tray in playful patterns, perfect for entertaining guests or displaying decorative items, infusing your kitchen with personality and charm.